Our consultants

Our consultants
Our consultants includes both permanent employees, project employees and hired in consultants. Being a consultant in IndustriConsult is exiting and gives you the opportunity to create your career with our customers in a unique way. We observe the markets for our services closely, and have continuously an excellent overview and insight of the market of project opportunities and demand.

We have frame agreements with some major players in the market with a substantial demand of consultants, and as a participant in the market since 1990  we have developed a strong network and good relations to  several leading industrial market players. This gives us great opportunities to look for a variety of projects adapted to the consultants preferences and experience.

As a permanent employee with IndustriConsult you will have skilled and nice colleagues holding a high level of competence, excellent social deals, excellent conditions and a solid employer.

As a hired-in consultant at IndustriConsult you will have dedicated HR personnel assuring proper follow-up prior to start-up and during assignments, who will also assist in looking up new opportunities. We are also sure that you will find our conditions competitive.

Project employees with IndustriConsult benefits from exactly the same good employee benefits, social performance, insurances inclusive pension benefits (5% OTP) as our permanent employees.

We are focused on being an attractive employer and principal with excellent relations with our consultants, and strives to be recognized as a secure employer taking good care of our consultants. Consultants looking for new opportunities are most welcome to contact us. To be registered in our database please submit your CV. We will be happy to consider your qualifications against our needs and requests. If it is your expertise we are looking for, we will contact you.

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